Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Lab Trade Up

If its not liver its kidneys, if its not kidneys its liver. UGH. HARMONEE LYNN!! Harmonees labs last week came back with a touch of CMV, but her kidney labs were looking better. Dr. Book ordered another set of labs on monday. This was not a good day. For starters, the weather was to bad to get to labs that morning. So... that night when we made it out, Harmonee ended up grabbing and taring out 4 separate pokes, blood going EVERYWHERE, burises and cuts and so much more, until the 5th time three people had her pinned down. Literally.

Tuesday morning came and we got a very worried phone call. Harmonee's liver labs are now showing VERY high. This could mean rejection. Fortunetly, Dr. Book is hoping that this increase is due to the medicine being used to treat her CMV. On Friday she has more labs. Depending on what they show, and hopefully they will look much better then Mondays, but if they dont, she will go in for a biopsy this weekend. Lets hope this doesn't happen. But I guess if it does, at least there are things that can reverse it right!?

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