Saturday, December 18, 2010

Surprise! Its Surgery!

After getting out of the hospital last weekend and thinking everything was okay Harmonee's liver labs jumped again! Doctor Book called on Thursday to set up plans to go in to have a CT scan (cat scan) on Friday.

This scan was to figure out what is truly wrong with Harmonee's liver. Biopsy came back good, with out any rejection... then why high liver labs?

After Harmonee's cat scan recovery or in other words, 'sobering' her up from the sedation we went up to talk to Dr. Book about the results.

Apparently, Harmonee's portal vein looks like someone has tied it off with a rubber band. This causeing low blood flow, but not necisarily high liver labs. But first thing first, fix the problem that we DO no is wrong. On Tuesaday Harmonee is going in to dialate her portal vein. This is a very serious problem, but not a very serious surgery. This part of the surgery is done by a radiologist. Unfortunetly... and we are hoping this does NOT happen, if the radiologist cannot fix the problem, they will have to do a major surgery to get inside of her liver. Also, if her labs continue to rise... we will be starting from scratch to figure out what is making everything go off the records. But again... lets hope that doesn't happen either.


  1. I wish you guys the best! Love ya!

  2. how is harmonee doing. i hope you guys are not in the hospital. i wish you all of the best and if you need anything let me know.

  3. oh my gosh!!! i haven't looked at blogs in forever...i had no idea how bad things had gotten. PLEASE if you are at the hospital and ever need anything dont hesitate! you got my number girl, use it. loves to you and harm!!