Saturday, January 01, 2011

Disaster Strikes in the OR

(Harmonee having fun in the rocking chair moving her bum and making herself rock throwing her hands in the air and squealing! Best part about a hosptial stay?: the rocking chair...)

On Wednesday night Harmonee's labs came back worse then before. Making everything move to a week earlier. Thursday morning Harmonee went into surgery.

It would be a quick procedure. They put a needle into her portal vein in radiology and push a catheter down to the narrowing in her portal vein. Then they will blow up a small balloon to help widen the narrowing and hopefully stretch out the scar tissue to keep it from closing. Its a fairly easy surgery that only takes about an hour and a half to two hours. With general anethesia and no risk except for accidentally tareing the portal vein, which is only about a 1% chance.

Surgery went to normal time when the surgean came to talk to me in the waiting room he asked me to go into the small room where they take you if they need to talk serious.

The surgeon said that Harmonee was okay but there was a complication so that they were not actually able to do the surgery. Disaster struck as soon as they put the needle into her liver. Because of the low blood flow her liver is getting chirosis and becoming hard. This made it twist funny when the needle was pushed into the vein, taring the portal vein.

They did an ultra sound and took labs to make sure that it wasn't leaking any blood and she was sent to the recovery room without a fixed portal vein.

Doctor Book and the surgeon decided that they would try this same procedure one more time. If this happens again Harmonee will have to cut open her scar for the 4th time and fix the portal vein this way.

As of now things are good. Her liver is hanging in there and even though she looks pretty tattered from the asprin dose, she is still happy go lucky!


  1. omgosh...when is enough enough for her AND you?? so are you still at pc? what can i do for you my deary?? lots of love. xoxo lizzie

  2. poor baby!!! i cant believe she is still THAT happy! you both are soooo strong!!! love you guys!