Sunday, January 16, 2011

Just Another Weekend at PC

Our weekend went something like this...

Friday: Woke up way late with Harmonee still asleep (not like her to sleep past 8 a.m.). I woke her up, and with in minutes she had fallen back to sleep on my lap, and this time... didn't wake up. I called GI clinic and Amy told me to take her blood sugar which turned out to be 38. After giving her her emergency stress steroids and some pancake syrup, Amy told us we had two options, I could take her to the ER myself, or have an ambulance come get her to take her to the ER. Either way, from the ER she would be transported to PC.

We got to the ER not even 20 minutes later and her blood sugar had dropped to 29. They gave her an injection of hydrocortozone and started a sugary IV drip. Oxygen was then their next priorty since she was only stating at a 70 and was working pretty hard to breath. Labs, coultures and xrays were taken. Her lungs seemed pretty foggy, and an ear infection was found.

By this time an ambulance was there getting ready to load Harmonee and take her to Primary Childrens. More tests were taken at PC, and Harmonee came back positive for RSV.

Saturday: We had a rough morning with lots of suctioning, coughing and throwing up. But by noon she wasn't doing any of this, and was up giving the nurses a run for their money before long. Endocrinology also came and decided to start taking test monday to see why her sugar keeps dropping.

Sunday: RSV hitting hard. Oxygen was turned up, suctioning has been every hour, and coughing almost non stop. Unfortunetly the doctors say she is going to get a lot worse before she gets better. She is still pretty dehydrated and its not helping her lungs break up the gunk they need to in order clear themselves.


  1. Prayers from Colorado and our warm family here, we are strangers to you but please know our ward has followed Harms story and we are praying for her!!

    Kelly Max

  2. Just sending our love to you and Harmonee. You are in our prayers and thoughts. Take care, Love, Sis. Durrant

  3. Praying for sweet little harmony and your entire family!

  4. Oh, geez. I'm so sad to read this. I hope she's improving. What an angel-girl. How is Mom holding up? I miss seeing you!

  5. just sent you a text, but please update when you can and let me know what i can do for you. would love to come visit if you are still (and i SO hope not at pcmc) you have to call me when you get admitted so someone can take care you. love you F. xoxo

    ps love your blog background too