Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Oh, Harmonee

This update is not one of the sorts that I like to update about. Of course, I am horrible at updating anyways. Harmonee is not doing very well. Friday morning she woke up with a bloody diaper, and VERY bad labs. I called down to Dr. Books office and they told us to come down on Tuesday. Here we are on Wednesday.

Yesteray was a crazy day. It started out with lab work, then up to Dr. Books office. When we got to Dr. Books office everything was going fine until they looked up her most recent labs. They did NOT get a very good response. They were almost to the point of before transplant. Harmonee was admitted by Amber while Dr. Book set up ultra sounds, and an OR time for her biopsy. Harmonee was put on NPO status (Nothing by mouth) and was being prepped for surgery.

Her ultrasound was bad, as usual. Her portal vein is so much bigger in a part of her liver that the blood is actually swirling, and causing her vein to clot. Her biopsy of course came back to show rejection. After her biopsy we got word that Dr. Book went to the red cross and called daddy home. Who is now on his way.

As of now, Harmonee is on a Large dose of steroids, giving her MAJOR tantrums and excessive energy, which dont go well together if I might add.

Her Prograf level (immunosuppressive) is super low no matter what the dose. This is one of the options as to why she is rejecting. But going further into that she may have an underlying infection that could be making her reject. But that is to be determined.


  1. I will be praying for Harmonee, your family and all the doctors and nurses who are caring for her. Stay Strong, Mama!

  2. Praying for your sweetie and your family.

    ( Martim´s mum)

  3. I'm so sorry. I am praying like crazy for you and your family. Much love and prayers. <3

  4. SO sorry to hear. WE are praying for you and her. Continue to keep us updated!

  5. How is Harmonee doing?

  6. Please update on Harmonee! :)I hope she is doing better.