Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Rollarcoasters of rejection....

Harmonee's new morning and night routine

Its been a long couple of months. There has been lots happening with Harmonee's body. But we will do the long story short version to keep things simple :). First, starting in September, Harmonee was in moderate rejection. They did a biopsy, some IV steroids and then she was released with better liver labs. Once they started to tapper her steroids her liver labs immedately got worse. Dr. Book decided on another biopsy, which showed less rejection, but her labs continued to get worse. With no improvement Dr. Book decided to take special lab that tested her and the donor to see if Harmonee was making antibodies against her donor. The test came back positive.

Her new condition is controllerable, it could eventually hurt her liver and she could end up on number 2. But as of now, that is not the case! She was given another medicine called cellcept, which will help out her prograf. Because of her condition she will never get off of the cellcept it will always be a helper to her prograf. It is another immunosuppressant to help prevent her body from making any more antibodies against her liver, prolonging and preventing number 2. Things have been insane, but thankfully, now we know what is going on and how to treat it! I couldnt believe at the first of September her labs were perfect with just a tempramental prograf level, and a week later, she is in the hospital with moderate rejection. But for the first time in 2 months, Harmonee's liver labs look pretty good!


On a brighter note, Harmonee turned 2! This is her at her birthday party! She partied so hard she fell asleep half way threw! I am so proud of her for getting this far, and pretty excited to see how much her fun personality grows in the next year!


  1. Love, love, LOVE her! Thank you for posting! She is and always has been a fighter. Hang in there. Here is to good things ahead!

  2. Amazing little girl that Harm! Love her and miss her! I can't believe she is 2!!! Positive thoughts and energy and many prayers for you and your family.

  3. Hope she is doing well and that the meds have gotten the rejection under control! Lyds has been stuggling with this a couple of times lately as well. These girls keep us on our toes, don't they? HUGS from me and Lyds!