Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Almost there....

It has been a while since I have had time to update. I figured I better since I cant keep up with the texts and phone calls anymore haha. Not that I mind them, I very thankful for all of the support you all give to Harmonee.

The past couple months have been rough. In December, the prednisolone had broken down her skin to the point she got absesses. They started having us put bandages and packing them with silver and mesh to keep them from getting infected. By the first of January there was zero change. The plastic surgeon took her in to see if she needed skin grafs. There was talk of an ostomy bag if they didnt start to heal. Not ideal, but if we had to we would do it if it was in Harms best interest. Thankfully, we didnt have too. The plastic surgeon came up with another way of treating her abssesses and luckily they have started to heal. Along with weekly visits to the wound clinic at Primarys for measurments of healing. The weekend before last Harmonee was admitted for a blood transfusion and IV antibiotics for a blood infection. Honestly over the past week, I havent seen Harmonee act so much like herself since she first went into rejection! Its been nice to see her up and playing with Layla rather then laying on the couch, sick and tired, and crying because her wounds hurt. The blood transfusion did wonders for her wounds as well, they have shrunk a bit since then and have started to heal faster then they have been!

We also found out a possible reason for rejection at this hospital stay. Long story short, at one of the hospital stays we had in January, we purchased her Prograf (immunosuppressant drug) at PCMC. During that "bottle" her liver numbers gradually got better. When we got her refill at the pharmacy we normally go to her liver numbers immediatly got worse. Her transplant coordinator called the second pharmacy to see why this could have happened. Come to find out the pharmacy had used a couple different recipes to make the prograf rather then using the recipe transplant clinic had sent along with the prescription. FRUSTRATING!!! Her wonderful doctor had a lovely chat with the pharmacist who had messed up the medication, and to little amazment, the PCMC prograf has since been making her liver better once again.

Harmonee is on the road to recovery. Her wounds are healing considerably now, and her liver numbers are getting better with weekly labs. I think she is finally in the clear, hopefully she will get a chance to be a "normal" 2 year old soon!!

Harmonee and Layla


  1. Wow. I cannot believe the pharmacy made such a horrible mistake. Poor Harmonee! I'd be so furious.

    I love you guys, and I always love seeing updates!

  2. Unbelievable! How could they?! Glad you found out and now she is getting better.

    You have two beautiful girls!

  3. How is Harmonee!?

  4. Any updates on Harmonee??