Sunday, January 17, 2010

We made our first goals for Harmonee at Liver Clinic on Thursday. After looking at Harmonee's newest ultrasounds, both of her doctors predicted December or maybe even sooner. To help her reach the goals, we have changed her diet to progestamil, which is a formula to help her absorb fats, hopefully to help her gain weight and become an acceptable size. Our long term goal for her is to make it to December, the bigger and older she is the easier the transplant will be.
We have started testing for live donors. We are lucky to have so many friends and family who are willing to give Harmonee her gift. Brandon {daddy} was already ruled out of the picking. Next is me. I hope so much to be a donor so that when the time comes, Harmonee will already have a liver waiting for her.
But for now, Harmonee is as happy and healthy as a little girl with a liver disease could be. She is playing with Layla and today she is a normal 3 month old baby, who doesn't go to liver clinic, or have a scar across her tummy. Her disease is just a minor delay in her happy little life.

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