Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Day in pictures...

here comes Peter cotton tail, hoppin' down the bunny trail...

Gunner got an Easter Groom this year!
Love the scarf Ellie! Nice touch!

Harmonee's Easter!
I spent all morning making Harmonee
her new Easter bows! I couldn't wait to
see them on her! She looks so cute doesn't she!

Harmonee made out from PCMC, and
also has a lot more coming when she
gets home! The Easter bunny brought
her a basket, a moose, and a duck full
of candy. Brandon and I got her some
new leg warmers and bows (which we
gave her today) but when she
gets home she has a few cute outfits
I cant wait to try on her!

Harmonee's new Baby legs!

I was able to go home and see Layla

anxious to open her presents!
I loved seeing her and Daddy this weekend!

ALL of Layla's Easter presents! I went
home last night to see Layla get her
Easter baskets this morning.
Her first words when seeing them... "WOW"!
Layla was spoiled by grandparents!
She got a picnic table from Gma and Gpa Jensen.
Her pretty dress and shirt and summer hat from
Gma and Gpa Phillips, and Princess dress ups from
Mommy Daddy and Baby sis.



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