Saturday, April 03, 2010

Day 9...

Newest discharge date... Monday. Looks like we are spending another holiday with PCMC nurses. Last night things were looking fairly well that she would be going home today. She was eating, not congested, no temp, no stool replacement, until last night about midnight. It was a long night. I was able to get Harmonee to eat an ounce before she vomited. Thinking this was not only normal for her, but for her disease I brushed it off, changed her bed and went to bed myself. In a while I was wondering if Harmonee was really still asleep. Harmonee wasn't asleep but half awake. So I put her binky back in just in time to have it pushed out with vomit. This continued for a while.

After looking at a few high lab results and hearing a lot of congestion the doctors decided to watch her. Tomorrow she will get another chest x-ray if her congestion doesn't clear. The doctors are thinking it could be pneumonia, RSV, or paraflu again.

Tonight I am going to go home to wake up Easter morning with Layla and see her get her Easter basket, and to spend time with her. Brandon isn't able to come up this weekend because of work obligations. Tomorrow once he gets home we will come back up and see Harmonee and I will stay here until she is allowed to go home, or until the weekend when Brandon comes up to spend the weekend with her. We will see what happens.

**PELD SCORE: 26** -up two points...

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