Sunday, April 04, 2010

Me and Harm getting her ready to take a long bath.
She had a high temp and didn't want to but after she
was cooled down and was feeling a better then she
had all day!

Another bad day... but she slept it off...

She was feeling REALLY good this day.. can you tell?
Isn't that the prettiest smile?

Okay, her tummy wasn't small enough for her
to lay completely flat... But I thought this was
the cutest thing!

Day 5: She slept on her TUMMY!! Her tummy was
small enough it didn't hurt her to rest on it! First
time on tummy since December!

Day 4: not feeling to good again this day
she just had her bath and didn't want to
wake up again...

Day 3: A few hours after getting her new PICC line.
Its hard to say if she was more happy that she was able
to take her NG tube out, or that her meds were going through
her PICC instead of her mouth.

Not feeling to good the next day. Before getting her
PICC line on Saturday. She was very congested and

Day 1: Feeling pretty good after getting her tummy drained!

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