Saturday, May 01, 2010

Switching Sides

    (posted by farrah's friend)

This LOVE isn't thriving as we all hoped she would. Her condition has continued to diminish over this last week in the PICU. She's been in multiple organ failure. Besides her liver and kidneys her heart and lungs have also suffered. Harm has been on dialysis for days, her heart and lungs have been strained as well. She survived an emergency surgery last night in hopes it would send her in the right direction. But she is so very sick. This morning she took a turn for the worse. Mum and Dad would love a miracle...but are preparing themselves for losing their wee Harmonee.

Today her Mum and Dad signed papers for her to be an organ donor of any viable organs. They hope her heart, lungs and pancreas will be healthy enough to give to another. We may lose one of our liver kids today to Biliary Atresia, but these parents are so loving & willing to give a "heart kid", "lung kid", "pancreas kid"......another shot at life--the same shot London got, the same one we were hoping Harmonee would have. Donating is what is giving them peace right now.

Harmonee has been in the same room our donor Ashley was in. I pray Ashley will be close by today. I pray for a miracles to happen.
alpha1, liver mum


  1. Timing right now is horrible but I want to introduce myself to you my name is Kayli Cragun and my daughter Belle has Alpha-1. I found your blog through Lulu's blog. I met Liz (she is amazing) back in Jan. at Dr. Book's office. My daughter hasn't had a transplant yet. Her condition is stable at this point but will be looking at a transplant in the very near future. Anywho have been keeping tabs on Harmonee and her condition. After reading your last update I am sitting here infront of the computer completely beside myself and I can't stop crying. My heart is full of emotion for Harmonee, you, your husband, and family. I just want you to know that I am praying for Harmonee that she receives the miracle that she needs.

    With so much love and prayers
    Alpha-1 Liver mum

  2. Farrah- I'm praying oh so hard for you guys and little Harmonee. I hope someone will continue to keep your blog updated. I don't work again till Monday but would love to come visit..depending how things are. Please let me know!!!

  3. Oh my heart is aching right now for your family and sweet little Harmonee. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

    BA liver mom

  4. Farrah, you're family is in my constant prayers!

  5. Farrah, I am a heart mom. My daughter has a heart defect, and I found your blog through Lulu's blog. Just wanted to let you know that I am praying for your family. Only God knows the destiny of each child. He will decide.
    Be Strong, we all are thinking of you.

  6. PRAYING for sweet Harmonee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. My precious Harmonee we love you and miss you!! We pray constantly for your peace and recovery! I loved every moment I was able to spend with you. You melted my heart the day I met you. Farrah & Brandon I love you both...whatever decision you have to make just know it's the right one...You guys are GREAT parents please give her my LOVE!

  8. Your family is in my prayers! I wish Harmonee all the luck in the world!
    Love you,

  9. Farrah, my family and I check your blog everyday a ton of times a day, waiting for the updates. You, Harmonee and your family are our prayers. Be strong, we're all thinking of you guys.
    Love, Totchona

  10. Farrah--This is the first time I have read your blog--I came upon it by my cousin Liz's blog about Lulu--I am overcome with reading about Harmonee's struggle,I just want to tell you that Harmonee is in our prayers along with you and your family.
    Sending love & prayers-
    Candice Gardner