Monday, May 31, 2010

Healing with the help of a Guardian Angel

Harmonee is getting back to her old self! She is smiling and chewing on her binky! The doctors said that Harmonee was has been staying up late and playing, then waking up early smiling and giggling, talking and playing. This to us means that Harmonee is starting to show a little of herself before the PICU came along.

The doctors have been debating on putting her breathing tube back in since her tummy is so big, she was having a very hard time breathing. This all has subsided, and breathing numbers have been altered. Although her lungs still aren't healthy enough for the numbers to stay down... They are making progress, and the talk of a breathing tube has stopped. 
I have not been able to go and stay with Harmonee since I have been sick and not allowed in to see her. I wish I could see her smile and her baby teeth getting more noticable. Daddy had the weekend shift, he loved it! It has been the first real amount of time he has been able to spend with her since she went into the PICU.  He is starting to become heart broken since he received the news that he may be deploying this July after all. He feels that he has missed so much of her first year, and may be missing her second year as well. I couldn't even imagine. I love seeing him with his girls, he is such a good daddy.

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  1. brandon is a good daddy...has daddy girls. will hope for a continued stay for him. good things are happening, hold on to that. xoxo